WAKE ME UP ( Vocal )

by Glitched Orchestrals

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Wake me up from this dream of mine
Wake me up from this dream of mine

We all want better things and
I’m on to better things- but
Please take a hold of me before I
Get stuck in the clouds
These hazy memories they
Can’t outlast everything, they
Tend to rain all out
And leave me cold and sobbing
Those kids in Hollywood
Seem so misunderstood they
Kiss in the rain and make the moment
Something more than perfect
Teach me, teach me now
Show me, show me how
Turn my life around
Go and take a bow
Wake me up from this dream of mine
Wake me up from this dream of mine

Sometimes all I see
Is an alternate reality
Where everything I see
Is all about me
I am the hero
The crowds gather around to witness
My selfless acts
To end the sorrow
This is an escape
To what should be
We all hold the key
To the fate we see

Just before I wake up
I know this is the way it should be
But suddenly I feel
These hands upon my shoulders
This is the grip of realization
Nothing is the way you want
And you just have to live with it
But I refuse to accept this hand I’ve been dealt
There must be a chance that there’s a road less traveled

Wake me up from this dream of mine


released March 31, 2014
Vocals: Karen Dean
Lyrics: OK Team
Composed and Produced: by Emil Schyren